Tuesday 14 August 2007

How To Apply The Secret Step-by-Step

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We are about the launch the NEW "How To Apply The Secret Step-by-Step" series.


We also have an online affiliate program attached. For the tech heads and online guru's, our Affiliate program is 3 tier - 20% level 1, 5% level 2 and 2% level 3.

For the non-affiliate guru's ... that means if you tell 10 friends and they purchase the "How To Apply The Secret Step-by-Step" series (special pre-launch price $47), plus they each tell 10 friends, and they each tell 10 friends ...

... you will earn $47,107 per year!!!

It even gets more exciting then that when someone you introduced purchases a seminar ticket or home study course. More about that later.

What we need you to do right now is check out the pre-launch web site and get hold of the first set in the series "Desire & Need". Feel free to give us some feedback.


Yours in abundance,

David Schirmer
Secret Teacher

P.S. Please do not send this email on to your friends. If you have joined as an Affiliate we will send you the launch email that has your affiliate link in it so your orders can be tracked and you get paid. To join as an Affiliate for The Secret products plus the rest of our range, click below:


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