Saturday, 28 July 2007

How To Attract Abundance with Commision Sales

An email I received recently:

Hey David Schirmer ! Thank you so much for being my friend, and being supportive of my dreams.

I had a rough day at work today, and I feel as though a client of mine betrayed me. But I have found a way to let it go and practice the principles in the law of attraction, as well as the four agreements.

To tell you the story, I spent several hours two different weekends showing my clients houses, only for them to call another Realtor off a yard sign and write up a contract. I was so hurt and angry about this - I called my broker on the phone crying. Not only because I thought these clients were loyal to me, but because I spent so many hours of my time when I could have been holding open houses, cold calling, etc. Also, if they would have written the contract with me - I would have made close to $2,500 on the sale. Also, I work on commission only - so all of the work and time I put into finding my clients a home I did for nothing.

Anyway, the reason I am sharing this with you is because at the point when I was angry - I wanted to cuss out my clients and the other Realtor (who knew I was working with them) but my business partner reminded me of my principles, and told me just to let it go. Then something clicked inside of me that there was just no way around it - I needed to forgive my clients and the other Realtor.

Because holding on to negative energy, which means hatred, resentment, envy, etc. will do nothing but attract more of the same energy into my life! That is when I was reminded of how many loyal, honest and sinere people I have around me - such as my broker who listened to me cry, my loan officer who I was able to go next door to and cry some more, my business partner who reminds me of what is important - and of course, my friends like you - who are so supportive, kind and encouraging. Just your presense uplifts my spirits and makes me feel so much better about my life.

My Answer:

Thank you for sharing your experience.

What you just went through happens to everyone on commission ... most people don't realise that they attract the circumstance to them.

To Forgive means "Thank you for-giving me this experience!"

Understand that because you 'missed out' on the $2500 commission you didn't really. See if we understand the money is in infinite abundant supply then it can never be taken from us. We then start to working on the creative plane rather than the competive plane and know that much more is on its way to us. We never need to compete for money, or anything else for that matter. All we have to do is see it coming and get ready to recieve it ... which means to mentally prepare by creating the picture of the exact amount already in our posession.

Now you need to focus on how you want the next situation to be. Create a very powerful and emotional picture of loyal, honest clients coming to you with little or no effort on your behalf, see them signing your contracts, then thanking you for the wonderful job you did of finding their new home for them ... then see them referring their friends to you. Before long you will have so many clients that you will be grateful for this $2,500 lesson.

By the way, had you not had this lesson, you wouldn't have emailed me and got this guidance!

Yours in abundance