Thursday, 22 May 2008

How do I stop the discouraging thoughts?

A question I received today on my MySpace page:

—————– Original Message —————–

I met you at the Learning Annex in San Francisco and I showed you the book “Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” and you mentioned that was one of the books that started you on your way.

Your workshop was very informative and the concepts, I still remember and share with people. One question I have for you is, how should I overcome those subconscious mind negative emotions. Right now, I am really trying to walk into a new realm in my life with my career and yet there is mental noise distracting me.

Mostly the noise involves tittering over whether I would get a job or continue to move forward with promoting my businesses. I find it challenging to market the business ideas or make steps in unchartered territory because of the low self confidence based on being discouraged through out the years…how do I over come those internal obstacles? How do I believe in myself again? and most importantly how does it become real for me? Not only real emotionally but real financially?

Your thoughts?

————————– My Answer ———————-

Hi Jamila

Thank you for making contact with me again. The answer to your question is worth a book.
I wrote an article in the latest Succeed Magazine coming out in June that deals specifically with this challenge.

We keep reverting back to our old thought habits (subconscious paradigms) because we are trying to succeed or change by will power and with our intellect. It will never bring lasting change; we must change the very cause rather then try to change the symptom.

How would you act, what would you do, who would you be if life was absolutely perfect for you right now? If you had all the finances you required or wanted, if you had the perfect relationship, if you had perfect health, if your business was extremely successful and profitable …. How would you really be?

See the thing is you would not have a low self image or feel discouraged or lack belief in yourself if you already had life just like you dream it could be. Now move it out of the conscious mind into the subconscious, out of your intellect into your spirit (or heart).

You must believe and speak and think like the person you want to be before you can ever become that person. Archie Leach (great actor) once said “I acted like Cary Grant so long I became him.” You must create the image of your new life so vividly with your imagination, then hold it with your will, and speak the truth regardless of appearances, and act as if until the life you desire becomes your life! Then and only then will it become real for you.

Yours in abundance

David Schirmer

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Truth vs Appearances

Here is a question I received recently and my response:

Musawenkosi Tshoaele
May 17 at 9:14am

Hi David,

I would very much like to hear how you view the Truth vs Appearance.

When you will find the time to possibly post such a blog I have no idea:).

Have an awesome event at Melbourne on I think, time zones have me confused.

And I'll keep in touch!!

Oh ya, thank u 4 replying to my earlier mails, you good people!

Hi Musawenkosi

Wallace D Wattle mentions in his book “The Science Of Getting Rich” that to “think what you want to think is to think truth regardless of the appearances.”

People will often argue that their present reality is the truth; it’s not. Our present reality is a confluence of our past thoughts; a direct reflection of the mind that thinks those thoughts. Most people are only aware of their physical body and the physical world, and total ignorant of the spiritual realm and how it operates.

The Truth is you are made in the likeness and image of God; that abundance, prosperity, health and happiness are the normal and natural states of being. The appearance may be that a person is sick. If our physical body is sick we have been holding the corresponding thoughts, it we then hold ONLY thoughts of health and well-being the body must produce the corresponding from.

Poverty, lack, sickness and unhappiness are all appearances that the person first created in their mind. The truth is that every person can have abundance, prosperity, health and happiness. First they must create it in their mind.

Jesus said it this way, “When you pray, pray believing that you already have it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24) The truth is to believe what we desire is ours and acting accordingly. Most people spend all their lives focusing on and speaking about what they don’t want and so they keep getting it.

“Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)