Thursday, 20 December 2007

Laure Manaudou and nude photos scandal

I just saw an article come up on ninemsn about Laure Manaudou, the olympic swimming gold medalist.

The Daily Telegraph wrote this: "THE world's most glamourous swimmer, Olympic and world championship gold medallist Laure Manaudou, is today subject of a cruel internet extortion and her former boyfriend, Italian swimming heartthrob Luca Marin, is accused of posting nude photos of her on the net." the rest of the story

I'm constantly amazes how ignorant some people are ... I'm refering to the person who did this pathetic act of posting the photos on the net and probably thinks it funny is some sort of weird way. A lot of people just don't get it - it will come back big time!

Often we witness so much revenge because a man and a women fall in love and then fall out of love ... one person decides that they no longer want to be part of the relationship so the other person seeks revenge on the very person they love! They do anything to hurt them because they can no longer have them!!!

Revenge is a terrible negative emotion (Napolean Hill in Think & Grow Rich listed it as one of the 7 negative emotions to be avoided at all costs) that harms the giver far more then it ever harms the receiver. I have seen people attract cancer because of their revenge toward a loved one.

If you hold revenge, LET IT GO ... be grateful for the experience of love because love NEVER dies, it is infinite abundance.
If you need help with this awareness get hold of my DVD & CD set on "How To Apply The Secret - Step by Step" and go through the DVD sets on Worry & Doubt and Expectation & Gratitude.

Friday, 7 December 2007

A Attendees comment from Perth "How To Apply The Secret"

A really nice comment from a woman who attended our How To Apply The Secret event in Perth on Tuesday:

I attended you Seminar in Perth yesterday and I feel it may be a turning point in my life.

As you may be aware I was a late applicant due to the mind vs. the heart ( soul). In the end I went against all my “common sense” ( income and friends advice) and took the day of from work without pay and drove up to Perth to attend your seminar.

After listening to you I realized that I had definitely made the right decision and thank you very much for coming to Western Australia and sharing your knowledge. I will follow your advice and follow the three steps in my life and I look forward to a prosperous and fantastic life.

I was fortunate enough to have a 6 hour drive home where I could listen to your c.d. as well as “The Secret”. I then set my specific goals and went to bed feeling that I had achieved something in life.

... Many thanks again for you time and sharing your life story of how you become successful. I appreciate the encouragement and guidelines you gave all of us on the day.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Hi from Perth, Australia

We have just finished the "How To Apply The Secret" seminar in Perth. It has been an extremely successful tour, starting 4 weeks ago in Wellington, New Zealand and ending up in Perth, Australia.

I will post up some of the comments by attendees over the next few weeks. Here is one from Karen Kotze, a journalist in New Zealand:

"Recognising the poverty consciousness that we have inherited is old hat, but being given the tools to affect changes in our world is priceless!! What a great gift for ourselves, the economy – and our children’s children in all aspects!! Many thanks to all involved."

Today's thought: "What lies behind us and what lies before us pales in comparison to what lies within us". Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, 3 December 2007

The Secret

I thought it time to post another update and share my views.

We have been travelling around Australia presenting the one-day event "How To Apply The Secret" In this seminar I go through how the mind works, why we get the results in our lives, and a step-by-step process how to change our results.

Before we started the first seminar in Wellington, NZ we decided that our outcome was to change people's lives for the better. Everywhere we went that's exactly what happened. Did we have a few obstacles? You bet we did. Whenever you strive toward abundance and prosperity or seek to lift others up to abundance and prosperity people will try to attack you. They are called a temporary inconvenience.

When you are focused a vision of abundance and prosperity all obstacles MUST give way - it's universal (God's) law!

Sadly, many who attempted to attack us (via blog and media) call themselves Christians. Seems that they don't understand the basics of being 'Christ like'. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" and "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." ... hmmmm. These people sure don't love themselves very much.

We are so proud to say that after every event we had people tell us how the information transformed their lives. That even though they had attended many other events and read numerous books, they now understand for the first time how the Law Of Attraction works and how to really apply The Secret.

I will post up an mp3 of the event once we finish the tour so if you missed out you can at least listen. Have an abundant week.

Today's Thought:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law." Gal 5:23-24