Tuesday, 29 April 2008


"That negative thought produces illness, unhappiness, failure, doubt, despair; and conversely, positive thought produces health, happiness, prosperity, peace." by Michael Macguire.

You cannot think negative thoughts about another human being, you cannot seek to harm or hurt someone regardless of your reason for the action without ultimately bringing upon yourself the product of negative thought.

The story of Stephen in the Bible in Acts 6:8 to Acts 7:60 is a illustration of what negative thought creates. Stephen by all accounts was a pretty good bloke (full of grace and power, worked great miracles among the people it says). A couple of people got jealous of his following so "they secretly instigated and instructed people to say, We have heard this man speak, using slanderous and abusive and blasphemous language against Moses and God." In other words they lied to their friends, got their friends to lie to others, even creating false witnesses against Stephen.

That happened 2000 years ago, but nobody would do that today would they?!?!? Surely we have learned something in 2000 years.

What Stephen said and did and the praises he received from those he helped must have really rubbed these couple of people up the wrong way ... my guess is that they were probably a couple of old friends who wanted the same recognition as Stephen received but never did anything to achieve it!! They were actually from Stephen's old church, so they would have known him pretty well - maybe some even worked with him before he became famous.

Well, the story goes on to tell us Stephen (the guy who was creating all the miracles and liked be many) was arrested and put to trial - all because of the anger and jealously of a couple of people who never helped anyone but sought to pull successful people like Stephen down. He was arrested by those he was trying to help, who were stirred up by the lying, deceitful, jealous friends from his old church!

Eventually the hatred grew so great against Stephen these people bit him and stoned him to death. Stephen knew that these people did not understand the basics of how the mind works. He knew what was in stall for them because as he died he pleaded on their behalf "Lord, fix not this sin to upon them." Stephen understood that the negative thoughts and actions only create destruction in the lives of those who think it and do it.

We don't have record of what happened to those who instigated the evil hatred and anger to begin with nor of those who stoned Stephen to death because of the lies and deception create by those filled with jealousy. History rarely records these people ... they are quickly forgotten as they suffer their own disease, depression, failure, despair and often pitiful death; never remembered for the people they tried to bring down.

We do read of one man who stood and watched, even approved to Stephen's stoning and death - enjoying the stupidity of these ignorant people. A short time later this man who watched on was harassed, molested and blinded ... he became a very troubled man. He eventually was hung on a cross to die.

You may think this is just a story that is 2000 years old ... the truth is that this same story is happening today. There are people like those jealous angry few that lie and deceive because they are too lazy to become better themselves, they see other people's successes and fame and seek to knock them down, even destroy them so they themselves don't look so bad. Too often it is created by someone who you know, even someone you thought was a friend. They don't do the stoning, they just create the negative stories, the slander, the lies, and incite anger toward you for striving to be the best you can be.

Remember to those who want to wallow in such filth, those who wish to poke fingers at others for striving, those who seek to pull others down though lies and deception, those who even stand and watch with approval and glee - illness, unhappiness, failure, doubt, despair, an unfulfilled life ... and death is the very best they will ever achieve because this is a universal law. Never remembered for the greatness they could have done. What a waste of life and time.

To you who stand tall and bold, who focus only on giving your best, seeking only to lift up those around you, speaking word of truth and encouragement, loving even those who hate you and seek to destroy you - your rewards are health, happiness, prosperity, peace, fulfilment, love ... and life ... far over and above all that you dare ask or think, infinitely beyond your highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams (Eph 3:20) because this is also universal law ... God's law.

Monday, 28 April 2008

The Law of Generosity

I was sent this article today - many of you will know that the author, Dr Thurman Fleet, was the creator of the stick figure that presenters such Bob Proctor and I use to explain the spirit/mind/body connection. Dr Fleet created the stick figure in the 1930's. We have an exciting article in the next Succeed Magazine (www.succeedmagazine.com.au) about this amazing man:

The Law of Generosity
Excerpt from
Rays of the Dawn Natural Laws of the Body, Mind and Soul
by Dr Thurman Fleet © 1948

Great fallacies prevail regarding the nature and significance of true charity or generosity. Much so-called charity is done through a sense of obligation and not as an expression of love. The majority of people feel they have contributed to the betterment of humanity when they have given financial aid, which often finds no higher expression than dropping a coin in a panhandler’s cup.

There is also the selfish individual who gives only where the compensation is equal or greater in proportion to the contribution. This type of charity sinks to the level of a business deal designed to promote selfish social gains and self-glorification. The person so indulging rarely sacrifices personal time or energy to do a charitable act for another. That person prefers to feel exclusive and aloof from other people. Too busily absorbed in selfish interests, he or she resents being inconvenienced to assist the needy or the handicapped.

Inevitably the time arrives in each of our lives when we face a difficult situation and must call upon someone else for help. Those who have done no charity will then feel humiliated to ask another to render assistance in time of need. Ignorant of the Law of Generosity, such a person attempts to repay favors in terms of material things he or she has gathered and hoarded. Little does that person realize that the deeds of the Spirit are performed without any thought or hope of gain or reward and cannot be compensated for in material terms. True generosity, as with love, is a quality of the Soul that expresses kindness, beneficence, mercy and tolerance.

When we give from the heart we must also receive from the heart. Thus we establish a balance between giving and receiving and maintain the two sides of our consciousness. Only through an awareness of the value of giving does the consciousness receive its greatest power. People who feel they have fulfilled their obligations by making an appreciable contribution to charity should realize that the mere giving of money is not enough. We should give of ourselves and our love, thus causing our consciousness to grow and expand, enabling it to receive the best our fellow humans have to offer.

We are always dealt with generously when our natures become generous, enabling the Divine to have greater expression through our thoughts and actions. Until we reach the plane where there is free giving and receiving, we cannot be assured lasting security. “He profits most who serves best” becomes a living principle and truth when we give not from our hands but from our hearts. It is a law of spiritual compensation that when we give the world our best, the best comes back to us – often in greater abundance.

Therefore, we follow the Golden Rule and do unto others as we would have them do unto us. However, we must use discretion in exercising generosity. Being too generous often debilitates the will of those we desire to help and interferes with the experience necessary for their growth and progress. At the same time an excess of generosity may deplete our own resources that may be destined to promote other worthy causes. Charity is then misdirected and defeats its own purpose, for people become irresponsible, shiftless and dependent when we absorb all their problems and take on all their burdens.

It requires fine control and discretion never to do for others what they are unwilling to do for themselves. We cannot always compensate for others’ ignorance. Furthermore, it is a violation of Law to be kind to one person at the expense of another.

True giving is wisely directed and helps others to help themselves. The person who merely flings a coin to a panhandler is not expressing true charity. On the contrary, the donor often encourages some vice in the individual to whom he or she gives and this endangers society in general.

To those who do not understand the Law of Generosity, this method of giving merely offers balm to their sympathetic nature or their false sense of duty. True charity is not synonymous with mere giving but is distinguished by discerning service, true helpfulness, kindness and love. We must recognize the great truth that the best and only way to help another is to help oneself, and that poor, neglected individuals need friendliness and understanding more than they need donations.

The mark of true love and service, distinct from the mere pretense for show or personal glory, is that it does not seek praise or publicity. The individual who has the spirit of true service at heart has no desire for commendation and does not boast of good deeds. That person’s reward comes from the knowledge of a deed well done. The joy given to others becomes that person’s greatest joy. His or her whole nature radiates a spirit of love, kindness and generosity, thus unintentionally but irresistibly drawing to themselves a rare and divine praise.

Someone who focuses only on personal interests deprives life of its chief charms. Moreover, that defeats the very objectives the person hopes to attain. The natural world has a law that whatever is of no use or serves no purpose will whither and shrivel up. Likewise, a law of our own being holds that if we contribute nothing to the great body of humanity, if we make ourselves of no use or service to others, then those qualities of our nature that promote the development of our higher self will begin degenerating and disintegrating. Thus we lose the chief charm and happiness of life. Then we live only with a small and stunted self. However, when we project our lives into the service of others, in generosity, kindness and helpfulness, we evolve to a very high plane of existence. Our whole nature will grow and expand, and we will share in the greatest joys of life, our lives becoming rich and beautiful. When we have entered into and taken part in many other lives, as a consequence we share in everyone else’s successes, joys and happiness.

Once we recognize the truth that all are ONE, and that each individual is an integral part of the whole of humanity, then we will strive for the perfection of all people. Just as the imperfect functioning of one bodily organ can impair all function, so in the greater body of humanity when one individual is poor, disheartened or ill, all people in some degree share the suffering. Humanity is created in the image and likeness of God. All of us are the children of God, and therefore all are entitled to share in God’s beneficence and abundance. Each individual is but a channel for the outflow of God’s abundance to bless all humanity. Just as the individual contributes to the enrichment of others, so all humanity contributes to the individual’s well being.

Once we have purged our minds of hatred, fear and their allies and have welcomed into our minds love and its companions, we will recognize that these positive attributes of the Soul bring a peace of mind and an infinite inspiration that clarify the vision until we can see all the beauties of the earth and recognize humanity’s perfection. Each individual is humanity: the ONE in the many, the many as ONE. As part of humanity, the individual finds the God-given confidence and ability to go forth and carve out a career of divine usefulness.

In accordance with what we give, and the spirit in which it is given, so shall we receive. If we understand and obey the Law of Generosity, Life is bound to give us what we ask. The Law of Compensation forever operates, and we cannot bargain with life on any other terms. Generosity is a quality of love that gives of itself without any expectation of a material reward – the giving that grants true freedom.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Joe Vitale's April Succeed Magazine Article

I promised to post Joe Vitale's article up here:


I suggest you right click on it and save it onto your desktop. You will not Adobe Reader or similar to open the file so if you don't have Adobe Reader go to:


Have an AWESOME weekend ... enjoy the article.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Opps!! I'd better write another blog.

Time flies so fast when you're having fun! I can hardly believe it is so long since I wrote my last blog. A friend on msn suggested today that I should post again ... so here I am.

There is much too much to write about to bring you up to date, so I'll share with you just a little of my day today.

At 7:30am the editor of our Succeed Magazine phoned Texas, USA. It was a special call to an amazing man, friend and co-presenter on The Secret, Dr Joe Vitale. I enjoyed immensely sitting in and listening to Joe's story.

Over the coming months we are sharing with our readers the story behind The Secret Teachers ... the real stuff of where they started and the key distinctions they learned on the journey that brought them to where they are today.

Joe's story is amazing - from homeless and poverty stricken to an international author, speaker and world acclaimed marketer. While on the call Joe shared something with us that he is doing which will make the world a better place - and Succeed will get to announce it exclusively in the next issue.

The purpose of Succeed Magazine is to bring regular inspiration and education from the best minds in the world on the Law of Attraction to help people to move more rapidly toward their dreams and goals - To be Your Guide To Living The Abundant Life.

Joe Vitale wrote an article in the current Sir Richard Branson issue (April/May 2008). I'll post Joe's article in the current edition up here tomorrow.

Next issue we not only feature Joe Vitale, we also have stories from Secret Teachers Lisa Nichols, Marci Shimoff ... and ... I'll tell you more later :-)

That was just the start of the day - now its time for me to go the bed. I'll share more again soon.

You will have to wait for the next issue of Succeed to find out the AWESOME project Joe is doing that WILL change the world - it's still a secret!