Sunday, 4 February 2007

We have lost everything ... what do we do now?

I thought I would post on here some of the emails I get sent and my responses that they might help someone else:

Question: I hope this gets to Mr Schirmer, we would love to learn what he has to say but unfortunately we have become sceptics as we have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (in fact our lifetime savings) through offshore seminars, trading programmes etc etc. Mr Schirmer can you restore our faith once again in getting back what has been stolen from us. I truly believe you will help us. My husband is 70 (very healthy and has a good mind ) and I am 68 in the same condition. We have lost everything in wanting to create wealth but sadly been taken "BIG TIME" Watched the secret last night and we are so excited that something good is going to happen to us. Blessings to you Mr Schirmer.

My Response: There are so many scans out there it is hard for the average person to determine what is truth.

I would like to give you a couple of suggestions to help you on the journey to abundance:

Firstly, you must let go of all resentment of whatever money you have lost. Resentment and Guilt are two of the biggest emotions that hold people back for getting what they truly desire. Easy to say, often not so easy to do! While ever we focus on what we haven't got or what was 'stolen' from us we cannot receive the abundance the universe has in store for us. Do not any longer think of or speak about your loss. Remove anything that reminds you of the experience.

Next you MUST create the picture of EXACTLY what you desire - how do you want your life to look in say 5 years time? We will ALWAYS get what we focus on ... if you fear losing something or not having it, your fear will be realised! If you focus, think and speak about the absolute abundance you desire and live in the emotional state of that desire, the universe must correspond in like state. Your physical realm will start to change so dramatically you will be amazed.

Then I suggest study the mind ... when you get to the realisation that the universe is only for growth and abundance (If we experience anything less then it is because we are going against the Laws of The Universe) then you will live without any fear and in absolute abundance.

I suggest you read & STUDY the following material:

Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
You Were Born Rich - Bob Proctor
The Science of Getting Rich - Wallace D Wattles

DO NOT do any courses or seminar with anyone unless it follows the principles of The Secret and the above mentioned books.

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