Thursday, 11 October 2007

Wealth is a Mindset

A friend recently said to me that his money challenges were overwhelming! We need to be very careful of the language we use as it shapes our destiny. The word overwhelming means "so strong as to be irresistible." Poverty or lack is NEVER irresistible, it is a choice we make not something that comes upon us or happens to us. Money is a servant, NEVER speak of it as a master! Here is my reply:

The lack of money is not overwhelming ... challenging, annoying, an inconvienence, but not overwhelming!! Money is an energy that is constantly flowing ... sometimes we find ourselves swimming against the flow ... and sometimes that flow is a tidal wave, instead of fighting it we need to grab a surf board and ride it. Be grateful for the experience and the learnings that allow you to be able to relate to others in similar situations in the future, now turn and ride the wave and enjoy the moment.

If money can fix it, it is not a problem!! Lots of people have problems that money can't fix.

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