Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Our boys are off to school ... again!

It only seems like yesterday that our eldest son Matthew was starting his very first day at school.

That was so hard, watching our little 5 year old go to school for the first time. Matthew is 25 this year ... is an I.T. genius, single & snowboarding in Canada! Jason is 22, an outstanding graphic designer specializes in magazines and is with Matthew in Canada ... snowboarding!! Zane has just finished Secondary college and is working in our business while deciding what he wants to do. He is allowing God to lead him in the area he should go and at this stage it is to run seminars to teach the youth how to succeed in life.

Today our three youngest sons (that's right, we have 6 boys, all with the same parents) had their first day at school for 2009 - Troy is in year 12 so it is his last year at secondary college; Jonathan is in year 6 so it is his last year at primary school; and then there is Friedrich David ... our baby (well the youngest of our 6 boys). Friedrich started year 3 today. He is a strong personality and takes charge of the whole family and probably the whole classroom. People often say he is a mini-me ... both in nature and looks. I guess somebody has to take control in this world!!

Lorna has to put her cape on again and become super-mum, running boys to and from school, work, sport, movies, friends etc. etc. ... as well as work full time.

Yes, time has flown ... but then again I look at the experiences we have had and I wonder how we packed so much into such a short time. How life has changed! It is hard to comprehend that some people look back over the past 20 years and they see one year replayed 20 times ... I see about 60 years packed into 20 - From an unknown farmer in North Queensland, Australia with little skill, education or money to been known around the world for being on The Secret DVD and a world leader in stock market education (http://ping.fm/SVwFq) and enjoying the best life has to offer. Sometimes we pinch ourselves. God has been so good to us and we give Him all the glory.

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