Tuesday, 13 November 2007

David Schirmer on ACA and Close Up ... again

I found out recently that the gutter journalists are at it again. Yes, I'm going to be on national TV ... again.

This has now become quite a joke. Imagine me, an ex-farmer from North Queensland being so important that I get on national TV four times ... well ... international TV now as well, as the gutter journalist got his friend involved from New Zealand.

Either The Secret must be a huge threat to these people or I must be, or they are bound up in hatred and revenge for reasons only known to themselves ... to spend so much prime time on me in simply amazing.

And I'm not complaining either ... I'm actually pretty excited.

When ACA first ran their gutter journalism story based on a scandalous revengeful attack from a journalist who never did proper research and was only interested in negative stories, we saw the hits on our websites skyrocket ... and sales increase.

We got emails from around the world supporting and encouraging me to keep sharing the message of abundance, transforming people's lives and giving them hope. Thankfully there are a lot of people who don't believe the trash on current affair type shows.

Each attack only increases my resolve to be the best I can be, to stand up for what is the truth, and the tell individuals around the world how the Law of Attraction works.

Zig Ziglar, a world renowned speaker and author once said, "Don't be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you." I have learnt how true that is from a small group of people who can only criticise.

I asked the journalist in the first interview had he ever watched The Secret ... he hadn't ... yet he was so willing to rubbish it and pull it down. Imagine what amazing good could be done in Australia, New Zealand and around the world if shows like Current Affair and Close Up where to actually promote The Secret ... what would happen if an entire country understood and believed in abundance and The Law of Attraction rather then poverty and lack?

As for the effect the journalists and interviewees are bringing upon themselves, I wouldn't want to be one of them, especially the woman who is phoning up people to try to get them to go on the show for her own anger and revenge. Napoleon Hill said in his classic "Think and Grow Rich" that there are 7 major negative emotions to be avoided:


"Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time." And we ALWAYS attract the thing we focus on with emotion. Having hatred, jealously, revenge and anger against someone else, regardless of the reason, is like throwing a handful of dry sand into the wind blowing towards you.

I'm looking forward to lots more hits on our websites ... I love these guys.

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Beau said...

I saw the report on TVNZ and I think it is such rubbish!! The report was so one sided, people should surely see that! I was at your course in Auckland on Sunday and it was marvelous! Thank you for your passion and energy that you put into helping others David! Keep your vibration high!

Deborah Beardsley said...

Mr. Schirmer,
To me, and my family, The Secret answered many personal questions. It was the final link to the great puzzle of life and my personal questions about my own spiritual feelings knowledge and experiences.
It has helped me to be more open to inspiration and new possibliities even while I'm not thinking about my perosnal and professional turmoil.:-) You need not refute the negative ones only continue to teach and educate if but one person at a time.
The Law of Attraction, or as I prefer to use the word 'Secret' beacuse it means and says so much in one little word, , has inspired me with a follow up book idea to the Secret!!! I would love to speak with you and Rhonda about this new book possibility. Deborah