Tuesday, 20 November 2007

An amazing week

What an amazing week this last 7 days has been.

I have seen and felt an incredible surge of energy and confidence in and around me. Even an ABSOLUTE KNOWING more than I have felt before. I know with absolutely certainty if one remains focused on their vision, ALL obstacles MUST give way or totally disappear. That is universal law (and God's law), regardless of what or who tries to stop you.

Over the past few days I have received more emails of love and support then ever before, not just from students and past seminar attendees, but from people right across the world. The ACA exposure has really blessed us and I am truely grateful for what they have done. I don't think those people who accused me of some wrong doing or the journalists who continue to lie, not present the truth they have been provided and attempt to deceive the masses with their propaganda could have possibly forseen the huge benefits that would flow on to me and us.

Initially I felt a range of emotions that often one would normally experience when wrongly accused, lied to and cheated on. With the support of family, friends, students, strangers and my understanding of The Secret and The Law of Attraction I remained focused just on that massive positive benefits that must come from such adversity and did my best to lay all negative thoughts aside.

My wife and I had dinner at a beautiful restaurant tonight with my son Matthew and his friend Kristen (cause Kristen is heading back home to Canada tomorrow!) Matthew looks after our websites and he asked me if anything unusal happened last week (he didn't know about another attempt by ACA to discredit me). When I asked why he said that our websites experienced over 1,000% increase in traffic each day since Thursday! WOOHOO!

This flowed directly through to more online enquiries, more clients and more sales. A BIG thank you to ALL who have helped!!

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