Monday, 3 December 2007

The Secret

I thought it time to post another update and share my views.

We have been travelling around Australia presenting the one-day event "How To Apply The Secret" In this seminar I go through how the mind works, why we get the results in our lives, and a step-by-step process how to change our results.

Before we started the first seminar in Wellington, NZ we decided that our outcome was to change people's lives for the better. Everywhere we went that's exactly what happened. Did we have a few obstacles? You bet we did. Whenever you strive toward abundance and prosperity or seek to lift others up to abundance and prosperity people will try to attack you. They are called a temporary inconvenience.

When you are focused a vision of abundance and prosperity all obstacles MUST give way - it's universal (God's) law!

Sadly, many who attempted to attack us (via blog and media) call themselves Christians. Seems that they don't understand the basics of being 'Christ like'. "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her" and "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." ... hmmmm. These people sure don't love themselves very much.

We are so proud to say that after every event we had people tell us how the information transformed their lives. That even though they had attended many other events and read numerous books, they now understand for the first time how the Law Of Attraction works and how to really apply The Secret.

I will post up an mp3 of the event once we finish the tour so if you missed out you can at least listen. Have an abundant week.

Today's Thought:
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law." Gal 5:23-24


RevRon said...

"Whenever you strive toward abundance and prosperity or seek to lift others up to abundance and prosperity people will try to attack you."

Not to mention when they catch you ripping them off! Times is hard, David. Times is hard! :-)

David Schirmer said...

I thought I would let this negative comment from RevRon go through ... it is a typical example of someone who posts on blogs and hide behind a false name, takes shots at people with no facts to back up his/her allegation.

Revron here is my challenge to you: reveal who you really are and come see me face to face with your complaint about me with proof of your allegations. None of the other accusers have had the guts to and I doubt you will either.

Cosmic Connie said...

"Sadly, many who attempted to attack us (via blog and media) call themselves Christians."

I'm not so sure that playing the Jesus card is a good idea, Mr. Schirmer. In any case, Rev Ron is a Buddhist. I know, because I live with him. (I, by the way, am an agnostic who generally leans on the side of belief.)

My understanding is that at least some of your accusers *have* tried to confront you, as have those "gutter journalists" you decry, but you don't seem to be offering any honest answers to them. You do look uncomfortable enough by the questioning that it seems you are hiding something.

I have not been kind to you on my blog, though I have been kinder than many, and in fact I have refused to publish some comments about you that were particularly abusive. And I certainly do not wish you ill. I know you have a family to feed and you have to make a living. But don't you think you would benefit by coming clean with people?

Even if you can't give people their money back, maybe a heartfelt apology to those you have wronged would go a long way towards restoring your tarnished image.

David Schirmer said...

Hi Connie, Thank you for your comments and words of wisdom.

I certainly wasn't playing any Jesus card for you or Rev Ron ... I don't know you and don't presume someone's faith I don't know reasonably closely. I do happen to know some who post (even though they hide behind false names), and their rude comments and personal attacks are to my knowledge certainly not in line with the good practiced by any faith, The Secret or even Christianity. Whether we look from science, philosophy or theology, every negative emotion such as hatred, revenge, jealously, envy always harm the one who dishes it out much more then the person it is intended for, regardless of the reasoning.

I have a question for you Connie: If I owed you $96,000 (as one person suggested they 'loaned' me) would you go through the normal legal channels to obtain it back? Has it occured to you (and the other bemoaners who jump on the bandwagon of any negitatity) that not one person has gone through the normal legal or commercial channels to either ask for money back they think they're owed, produce any documentation regarding what they think is owed to them, or presented me with facts as to why I owe them money!

Neither journalist ever asked once if I owed these people any money, Fordham just kept shouting "When are you going to pay their money back." Interesting since he never asked me first if I owed it and he has never aired the filthy tactics he used in the interview. He won't because he would be banned as a journalist as what he did is against their code of practice.

As far as your comments about me decrying gutter journalist, it seems you have little or no experience with TV. I had no experiece either which has been used to their benefit. Had I never appeared on The Secret there would be no story for the media as it would no rate. They are only interested in advertising dollars and awards, period ... not the facts or truth. Fordham will never air the uncut version, as he knows how highly edited the segments where, even to the point of inserting words I never said into sentences (we had professional editors view the segments and show how it was highly edited trash.)

You say that I don't seem to be offering honest answers to them ... I spent 4 hours in front of the camera plus many hours on the phone to the journalist providing facts, documentation and the whole story (rather than a one-sided hatred filled scandolous attack organised by a manipulative, hurting and revengful woman.) NONE of that has been aired ... why would they, it would ruin a great negative story. TV can make the best person in the world look like a criminal and the most notorious criminal look like an angel.

Many comments about me are based on hearsay and a black PR campaign designed purposely to influence the thinking of masses for personal and network gain - people shoot off at the mouth before ever putting the brain into gear and without knowing facts because to put another down makes them feel better about their own lives. Everyone operates from their own level of awareness, thinking that they know the truth therefore their knowledge must be right.

If people feel so empty about their own lives that they feeled compelled to follow me around, write about me and read trash written about me, go for it. I walk up the street with my head held high, I'm proud for what I have achieved and the tens of thousands of lives I have touched for the better ... oh sure, there are a dozen or so, maybe 20 or even 30 who can't take responsibilty for their own lives and will always look outside of themselves to blame others for their misfoutune.

As far as RevRon's comments go (that I didn't allow to post), being rude and offensive scores no points with me - and if you wish to comment about my friends, share facts not lies. I would be more than happy to meet for a coffee, to learn more about both of you, and find out what your real gripe is about me - especially if we don't know each other and I have never brought you any harm.