Friday, 7 December 2007

A Attendees comment from Perth "How To Apply The Secret"

A really nice comment from a woman who attended our How To Apply The Secret event in Perth on Tuesday:

I attended you Seminar in Perth yesterday and I feel it may be a turning point in my life.

As you may be aware I was a late applicant due to the mind vs. the heart ( soul). In the end I went against all my “common sense” ( income and friends advice) and took the day of from work without pay and drove up to Perth to attend your seminar.

After listening to you I realized that I had definitely made the right decision and thank you very much for coming to Western Australia and sharing your knowledge. I will follow your advice and follow the three steps in my life and I look forward to a prosperous and fantastic life.

I was fortunate enough to have a 6 hour drive home where I could listen to your c.d. as well as “The Secret”. I then set my specific goals and went to bed feeling that I had achieved something in life.

... Many thanks again for you time and sharing your life story of how you become successful. I appreciate the encouragement and guidelines you gave all of us on the day.

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