Monday, 10 September 2007

The Fire Walk with Tony Robbins

The Fire Walk ...

It is difficult to explain the first fire walk you ever do. This one at UPW (Unleash the Power Within) with Tony Robbins was about 12 feet long (3.5 metres).

Tony had spent hours with us getting us into the right state to walk across red hot coals without getting charred bloody stumps (burnt feet!) We had spent hours closing our eyes and visualising the celebration after we achieved the impossible. We learnt how to chant 'cool moss, cool moss, cool moss' as we walked on the imaginary hot coals. Now we were ready ... apparently!

We all streamed out into the huge car park ... and there lay in front of us 12 rows of red hot coals. We lined up in rows in front of the coals with our buddy (who I didn't know from a bar of soap), all chanting 'Cool moss, cool moss'.

Tony's instructions were that when we got to our turn, an assistant would be there to make sure we were in 'state', when they thought we were they would say 'go'. We then had to walk the coals at a steady pace with our head held high, once we were off the coals we had to wipe our feet and celebrate.

I wasn't going first ... just in case!!

Finally I got to the front of the line ... it was my turn! I had noticed that after every few people that walked across, men came with wheel barrows and shoveled more hot coals on. At least a few people had been across before me since new coals where added so hopefully it was a little cooler. Right then the assistant yelled "Halt ... Fresh coals please!" Mine were fresh hot ones!!!

I focused on a spot way ahead (as we were told to do) and I chanted 'Cool moss, cool moss'. There was this little voice in my head saying "Are you crazy? You're not ready yet!!" The next thing I hear is the assistant saying 'GO'.

I thought 'What ... me???' And off I strode across red hot coals!

It felt just like walking on course gravel. Had the guys at the end not caught me and yelled "STOP ... wipe your feet ... and celebrate," I'm sure I would have ended up all the way to Bondi Beach.

After walking across the coals people were jumping up and down and yelling and screaming. I didn't!

I thought "Hmmmm ... now that's interesting ... how did that just happen?"

Now some people will tell you it's an illusion, or the coal are not hot, or that it is not possible. Here is what I do know - I have walked the hot coals at UPW now eighth times ... it is real and they are HOT. If you are not in focus you will get burnt! So why do it?

Good question! As Tony says, the fire walk is a metaphor. It taught me many things:

  1. The physical is ALWAYS rules by thought; nothing can happen on the physical plane until or unless it first happens in the thought plane;
  2. The power of focus will get you through even the most seemingly impossible obstacles;
  3. The longer you lose your focus during extreme challenges, the more you get burnt (I learned that the second time I fire walked!)
  4. There is no such thing as impossible;
  5. Many people let fear rule their lives and often don't even attempt what seems impossible;
  6. When I'm absolutely focused, little can stop me.

There are other lessons I learned, most importantly when I come up against seemingly impossible challenges I think back to my first firewalk and draw on a strength and power of focus that I never knew existed.

Life will never be the same.

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Lorna Schirmer said...

The Fire Walk is truely an awesome experience.

It teaches us the power of focus and if we take our focus off for even just a second then we will get burnt! As long as our focus remains we will be completely unharmed! The key is we must stay focused.

After participating in the Firewalk experience we realise that anything is possible through the power of focus and constant visualisation.

Our 2 eldest boys were 12 years old at the time of their first Firewalk experience with Tony Robbins. It is an amazing experience to attend as a family and the energy it creates takes you to a whole new level of understanding, and to connect on that level as a family is awesome.

And Life for all of us Will Never Be the Same Again!

Lorna Schirmer