Monday, 10 September 2007

My first day with Tony Robbins

I had no money expect what was in my pocket - just enough to pay for my ticket a Tony Robbins event, pay something towards very cheap accommodation and buy enough groceries to last 4 days.

I walked up to the registration desk, they checked off my name and noticed I hadn't paid yet! (This was a prepaid ticketed event, everyone else had already paid for their tickets, I had convinced the salesperson other the phone that I would be there with the cash ... I had no credit card and didn't know how I was going to get the money) I handed them my few dollars, proud that I could be there, excited by what I might learn and scared knowing that I had to go back to my miserable poverty existence afterwards.

The helper at the desk asked me to read and sign the 'Disclaimer' ... the WHAT!! The disclaimer to say if I burnt my feet off walking on the red hot coals during the firewalk on the first night that Tony Robbins wasn't responsible!

Well, I thought he must have done it before and people survived, so I'd give it a shot ... I signed the form ... In any case, I was here to play full out for me, I didn't care what others came for, this was my last chance to figure out success.

I got to the entry doors early, I wanted to be first in and get the best seats. I had purchased Gold tickets which are the cheapest seats up the back ... so I was getting the best of the cheap seats! We waited and waited ... the crowd grew larger and larger until I could only see a sea of heads. The music started and a few of Robbins volunteers came out to dance and clap and get everyone excited.

I just wanted to go in ... I wasn't into this dancing and clapping stuff ... but since I was here to play full out after a while I joined in. When we finally got inside it was like one huge dance fest! And hug fest I might add! Now that was interesting for me ... a shy, reserved country boy getting hugs from these over zealous city folk ... it really tested my personal space issues. I never hugged anyone other than my family before; I'm not a 'touchy feely' person!

Tony finally came out in to the stage ... danced, clapped, jumped up and down ... got everyone else dancing, clapping and jumping up and down. Oh, by the way ... I had never danced before either!!! Some people sat in their seats and didn't participate; I was here to get everything I could so I played full out no matter how uncomfortable I was.

From that point on I did everything Tony said, wrote down every word I could ... just trying to absorb every last ounce of information. Then about 1:30am ...

... The Firewalk!!! (read my next Blog)

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