Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Changing The World ... One Person At A Time

It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that people understand what we know! I certainly am guilty of that ...

I was sitting in the Coffee Club in Ringwood enjoying a latte with my good friends Pastors John & Eileen Brown ... I met John & Eileen through The Secret somehow (sitting in the Coffee Club one morning) and found out that they have been sharing the message of Abundance and Law Of Attraction at their Word Family Church of many years - same message, based on the Bible and God as it's foundation (which I believe it must be).

As we were sitting there chatting, a couple in there late 50's walked up and said 'hello' ... they were friends of John and Eileen's and hadn't seen them for some time. We got talking and the lady (Sonia I think!) started to share her vision she had just received - to teach personal development in schools, churches and the community.

Of course I assumed Sonia had read personal development books or had been to seminars, and I was sure that if she was into personal development she would have seen The Secret ... so I asked! To my amazement Sonia hadn't even heard of The Secret.

So I asked if she knew some of the great personal development Techers ... I rattled off some of the people who had changed my life ... Zig Ziglar, James Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Denis Waitley etc. Guess what? Sonia hadn't heard of any of these people.

It reminded me of just how much work there is left to do. Sometimes I'm in awe of the millions of people who have watced The Secret, the people who stop me in the middle of the street to say "thank you" (and "Don't let those negative bastards get to you"), those who have attended our seminars, the emails and letters we get just saying "You have changed my life, keep doing what you are doing" ... then I realise maybe 10-20 million people have seen The Secret around the world ... out of 6 billion!!!!

Eileen shared on Sunday that we change the world one person at a time ... that is so true!

Yes, we have much to do.

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