Thursday, 16 August 2007

We must allow the Power to work through us!

In her book 'Your Insivable Power', Genieve Behrend said, "We must not fly in the face of the Law expecting it to do for us what it can only do through us; and we must therefore use our intelligence with the knowledge that it is acting as the instrument of a great intelligence; and because we have thiknowledge we may and should cease from all anxiety as to the final result."

Many people just want good things to happen and want abundance and yet doubt about whether it can happen or worry about the worst happening. This is totally against the Law (or, if you are like me I prefer to replace the word Law with God), we must LET God, let the power, let the Law work through us without being anxious about whether the end result will happen or not!

I think Jesus said it so well when he told us in Mark 11, 24 "For this reason I say to you, Whatever you make a request for in prayer, have faith that it has been given to you, and you will have it."

Note the words "Have faith that it HAS been given to you ... and you WILL have it" Some translations say "If you have faith..." or "If you believe..."

There are conditions of receiving and that is first of all asking, then believing you have it already!!! Interesting isn't it?

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Thank you David,
I think the receiving or allowing part is the trickiest to really "get". I love how you explain it as having a deeply rooted faith and giving it to God as opposed to worrying about when it will or if it will happen for us.

To me one of the most powerful things that I feel I can do to improve my ability to receive and allow abundance to flow to me is to get in the mode of giving, serving others and being kind to people and the Universe. To me one of the most powerful aspects of this universe that is based on energy and attraction is the power of random acts of kindness. Just watch how contagious and powerful a random act of kindness can be and see how it transcends any and all negativity in your life in that moment and makes you feel better. It can literally expand across the state, country and globe in a very short time.

We all know this, yet rarely do we actually perform random acts of kindness, these acts can be simple: buy and give a flower to your cashier at the grocery store, run errands for someone who has can use some help, call a friend you have not spoken to in awhile, pick up litter, buy a book for a friend who is struggling, give smiles away, donate your time or money to a worthy cause.

Today, I went through a toll on the interstate and paid the toll for the three cars that followed behind me. Complete strangers. I told the toll attendant that I wanted to give them each a brighter day.

Endeavor to participate in this positive energy and do an act of kindness to someone you know, a friend or complete stranger. Share it here and watch how the energy grows. This has helped me to understand receiving and allowing. This has helped me to allow the Power to work through me.

Nicole Matoushek MPH, PT