Wednesday, 8 August 2007

How To Deal With The 'Down' Times

This morning I spoke with members of my Inner Circle MasterMind group. Two people said that they were finding it difficult to pull themselves out of a slump of negative thinking especially when finances became a challenge.

We are conditioned to think what can go wrong, so when something doesn't work out how we planned or thought it should, if money doesn't show up as quickly as we want, it is so easy for most people to start to think of everything that can go wrong. The more we think of what can go wrong, the more doubt and worry we have, and the greater the fear we feel. It becomes a downward spiral of self-doubt, worry, fear and anxiety. We can even get to the point of feeling so totally overwhelmed that we cannot even force ourselves to think creatively, feel positive or even feel a sense of gratitude. This ultimately leads to hopelessness, depression and even suicide! Sadly, the future can seem so dark and grim that even death seems a better option - it almost certainly leads to the death of dreams and an unhappy, unfulfilled life.

Wallace D Wattles wrote in his book "The Science of Getting Rich" that the hardest activity for a human being is to think the TRUTH regardless of appearances. See, the truth is each one of us has unlimited boundless potential, money is unlimited, health is unlimited, happiness is unlimited, love is unlimited, The universe is unlimited, God is unlimited. What we do is create the limitation by looking at our past or present conditions and circumstances. To move out of any sort of a slump we MUST look to the future and we MUST look at what MUST go right instead of what may go wrong.

If you are experiencing self-doubt, worry, fear, anxiety ... here are a few things you can do:

  1. Go for a 15 minute brisk walk and overload your mind with positive affirmations about yourself. Say: "I will win. Why? Because I have Faith, Courage and Enthusiasm." or "I was created after the image and likeness of God, therefore all the power that created the universe is also within me, to co-create my world exactly how I want it to be. I feel total abundance flowing to me now!" Talk these aloud ... even shout them out!
  2. Get VERY clear and specific about how you want your life to look. "Without hope people perish." Whenever we are down it is because we are not clear about what we want in our lives or we are not focused on it. You MUST take time EVERY SINGLE DAY to write out your new life and meditate on it. The more emotion and energy you dedicate to it the more rapidly your life will change.
  3. Put on some lively music.
  4. Call a friend who looks at what can go right. We get so buried in our own emotional stuff that we cannot see outside. A person who is not emotionally involved in the situation and supports you and your dreams can be the biggest asset you have.
  5. Get to work! Just start working on a project or something to take your mind off what could go wrong.
  6. Take time every day to write out 20 solutions. Do this for 7 days and do not stop each day until you have 20 solutions.
  7. Listen to a personal development CD every day.

Get hold of my Aussie Born Rich program - I explain in it the complete worry/fear process and how to get out of it. Play it over and over again and watch miracles happen.

Remember: We can focus on the bills or we can focus on abundance, we have the choice!


kate said...

The more you try and push away negative thinking and become addicted to positive thinking (like so many Secret followers are -myself included) the more highs and lows you will experience! The universe is waking you up to your greatness yes... and that is balance. Negative thinking actually has a place like everything in the universe, it is feedback, just a positive experiences are. The more positive and elated you will get, the more you will attract negativity and tragedy to the same degree. The more balance and inspired you are the more productive and focused you will be. By pushing away negativity and not asking, what am i needing to learn here? Where am i overexaggerating? or creating unrealistic expectations or timeframes?- creates imbalance, so negativity is waking you up! Its all in your perception x

Anonymous said...

I thought the blog 'the slump'was perfect timing for me!! I have been doing all these courses and trainings and have started my own business as well as a promotion in my other job. I expected too much of myself (more finanicially) too soon and now i have burn out. Negative thoughts creeping in that i'm so aware of and know i need to change.... to now i'm having a break, the universe was telling me What do i need to look at?? I'm now going back to UK to be with my family and re start everything there and organise my finances. I know i'm successful, i just have to give it a bit more time and also have FUN.... this blog really helped me re focus...and that it is OK to feel like this.