Thursday, 16 August 2007

The Truth Is Alway The Truth!

I recieved this email recently, I though I would share it with you:

... I just want to thank you and all the others who have contributed to changing millions of peoples lives including mine.

I do not watch the TV programmes unless they give me a good feeling, or read the papers (which I have not done for many years). I believe everything I have experienced and done has bought me to receive what you guys testimonied about. Now all I need to do is believe I am receiving all good now and especially money from others means than earning!!!!

I flipped through the book I received from you and your DVD's and decided I would not listen to them until I believed I could follow what you are offering. So I have not listened to these yet so I do not need any bribe and I definitely do not listen to negativety, someone tried to tell me about it but I changed the conversation. I believed God provides all good things so the other is not from God (or the universe but from bad thinking, blaming ungrateful people).

I just want to thank you again, I am so grateful for the changes you bring in my life. I very much relate to where you were, so if you can remind me of exactly what you did at that time to change your beliefs, confidence, to drive away doubt I would love that.

Thank you once again.

You know just sitting here writing to you and being able to do this, there are thousands of people I am grateful to for providing everything I have to be able to do this.

I have tears in my eyes and feel so good, I know it is love and that is so beautiful.

Thank you

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